How can you personally fight climate change?

When talking about climate changes and ecological threats becoming obvious, we usually turn to leading politicians, globally famous scientists and other officials, hoping to hear easily applicable action plans from them. Since this matter involves many complex interactions between numerous industries, politics, available fuels, ways of transportation and many more factors, it may take a while till global leaders make uniform agreement. Meanwhile, all of us are free and actually obligated to act on our own as much as we can in our private everyday lives. Here are some useful habit changes you can introduce into your routine to prevent global climate change.

Decrease your own carbon emission

Since emission of carbon and various other toxins is one of the most deteriorating aspects of pollution, the first thing to do is to lower your own contribution to the overall emission. Think of as many as possible ways of emission and focus onto those you practice and are able to eliminate or at least decrease. Car driving comes first. Modifying transport and city’s road infrastructure to be eco-friendlier is certainly a task for local authorities, but every time you drive a mile, you emit significant amount of carbon into the atmosphere. Thus, turn to cycling or walking every time you can. If you’re traveling longer distance, give up some comfort and use public transport.

Conserve energy

All strategies and action plans offering solutions and suggestions for handling climate changes usually come down to the need to provide sustainable energy for the whole planet. Therefor, saving energy is essential, even if it means just turning off your domestic appliances when not using them actively. Replace your existing bulbs with the energy saving ones. Practice to be economical and practical with all energy sources.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

The holly three when it comes to adapting onto climate changes. Reducing your consumption of energy and all sorts of raw materials will prevent our energy sources from running dry too soon. Reusing and recycling used stuff enhances the cycling of raw materials and decreases the amount of definite waste. If you add planting trees or at least some extra gardening onto this list, you will not only annulate negative effects, but also make direct positive effects.