Sustainable energy planning and management reduces our energy consumption and increases our reliance on renewable energy sources. Over half of the energy consumed in the UK is a result of the construction and operation of buildings, so design has a direct impact on the amount of energy used.

There’s a global discussion regarding all the available manners of conducting sustainable energy strategies and many valuable ideas are being considered, pre-planned, even realized in the form of regional projects. Certainly the first approach refers to utilization of natural energy sources, such as solar, wind and water energy. Another approach refers to ways of energy storage or energy conservation methods applicable to major industry energy consumer to domestic appliances. Decentralization of energy supplying is another suggested strategy along with financial plans for more sponsoring and bigger financial supporting of renewable energy sources. All these ideas are entangled with other sustainable environment strategies.

The benefits of sustainable energy planning and management include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating and future-proofing (in an economic, social, and environmental sense) comfortable, healthy environments and reducing energy bills, leading to enhanced social equity. Local authorities can support better energy planning and management by valuing reduced energy demand, retrofitting existing buildings and using decentralized energy systems.

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Priorities for energy

  • Reduce energy demand
    The first step should be to reduce energy consumption in the built environment through better design and refurbishment and enhance the efficiency with which energy is used.
  • Develop a low carbon and renewable energy portfolio
    The second step is to substitute traditional fuels with low carbon and renewable sources and to integrate them sympathetically into the urban environment.