About us

Regardless of all the controversies, it has become obvious that we need to talk openly about climate change, but even more – we have to initiate widespread actions. In order to establish good practice refering organization of sustainable environment and urban life settings, we are obligated to involve authorities of various kind, experts experienced in this field and all the officials responsible for realizing all these projects. This website is dedicated to this subject and globally growing issue.

This web page was established by CABE, Urban Practitioners and supported by many organizations working on the same subject with one common goal: to create a central place where various competent ideas, propositions, plans, approaches and constructive critics regarding climate change and sustainable urban management will gather.

The main focus of this page is to provide diverse ideas and approaches regarding six crucial aspects of sustainability including management of water, waste, energy, transport, green areas and public space in urban regions. Here, you’ll get the insight into numerous experts’ ideas about maneuvering and organizing these crucial theme in every city, hoping that local authorities will further choose the ideas suitable for particular towns and cities and start applying these sustainable strategies. The content should be useful to architects, urban designers, engineers, administrative officials, as well as to common citizens to help them integrate and realize urbanistic plans that will provide healthier and more eco-friendly environment for all of us. The website provides full insight into strategies applied in several major cities that should function as a role model to other urban areas.